Bildy Town helps children build wonderfully, imaginative structures that they can place into their own little imaginary world.

Designed with play in mind, the controls are reminiscent of the traditional toys and games often forgotten in a digital world.

Split into two play modes, the ‘Workshop’ lets children build just about any structure they can imagine using a series of different shaped boards.They also get to play with the orientation using the angle selector and how they look with the spinning pattern and colour wheels.

In the ‘Town’, the structures are brought to life when placed into their setting. Navigate through the town and into the buildings using the joystick and spinning ball controls, or fly over to take a birds-eye view instead.

Although designed with children aged 6 and over in mind, it's just as much fun for grown ups to play too!

Available to download now on the App Store for the iPad.


Town mode

Place the structures you’ve just created or use a pre-built structure from the library and navigate through your new town and explore inside the buildings.

Fly & Jump Modes

Fly or jump in both the Workshop and Town modes


Buildings are automatically saved to the library to use in the town along with a choice of pre-designed buildings


Bildy Town helps children with a wide range of key learning skills such as geometry, maths, problem solving and logic

Child friendly interface

Using bright colours and simple, fun navigation, Bildy Town ensures children are able to navigate around the app with ease.

Workshop mode

Within the workshop mode, children can create a range of structures and save them to a library for use in the town

Bildy Town

Bildy is a fun construction toy that enables children to create lots of fantastic structures large enough to play in.

Then can build a house, create a car, crawl through a tunnel, make deliveries in the truck and many, many more.

Unlike other products on the market, they’re not limited to having just one item – they can build them all.

Bildy is simple to construct, and disassembles just as easily to be rebuilt into something else again and again or put away for another day.

Made from heavy duty graphic board it's destined to become a toy to be passed down to many a generation.

For more information visit the Bildy Website